EWB’s 2014 Humanitarian Research Program is now Live!

The Ideas Unleashed Program is Engineers Without Border’s Humanitarian Engineering Research Program- an initiative that harnesses the ideas and enthusiasm of students to tackle the world’s greatest humanitarian challenges. It is a research design challenge that empowers students with the opportunity to find solutions that address disadvantaged communities and push the boundaries of sustainable design.

Students have the option to select one of the 6 themes to use as the basis for their final year project. Engineers Without Borders will provide a full day workshop for the students to equip them with the necessary knowledge in their project direction. EWB will also provide guidance by connecting the students with experienced people in their projects respective industry.

The result of the program includes the opportunity to submit an article to the journal of humanitarian engineering, awards and prizes for the top submission in each theme and a showcase of the top projects.

Water for Life: Addressing the Global Water Crisis
Students will endeavour to find smart solutions to a worsening water crisis and target critical water issues such as: sanitation & hygiene, water management, sustainable rural water supply, catchment management.

Untapped Energy: - Powering the Planet 
Students will strive to find solutions to the challenge of clean energy by taking advantage of renewable sources such as: hydro, wind, biofuel, solar and geothermal. 

 3 Social Justice: There’s an App for That (ICT for Impact) 
Students will use ITC technology to address key areas such as poverty and the disadvantaged. Outcomes of this theme may lead to mobile applications, online projects and more. 

 Enabling a Better Future: Disability Design Project 
Students will be challenged to explore the many facets of disability and develop effective and affordable solutions to these issues that will enable those people with disabilities towards a better and brighter future. 

Creating the Global Engineer: (Designing Innovation Education & Training Programs) 
Students will seek to find innovative solutions to education and training programs that can reach and teach those in disadvantaged communities, aiding in the reduction of poverty and achieving sustainable development.  

Open Innovation 
The open innovation theme presents students with the opportunity to utilise their specialised engineering skills to find innovative solutions to topics such as: poverty, disability & health and disaster & emergencies.  
This theme gives students the chance to develop and implement a project of their interest.


How To Apply
1. Check Eligibility - To be eligible to participate in this program you must be a current student based in Australia or New Zealand. This research must also be a formal part of your degree program - for example, as part of a course or a thesis project. 
2. Find an Academic Supervisor - As all of these research projects are part of a formal degree program, it is important that all participating students have a supervisor to support this research. Contact your final year project coordinator or course coordinator to support you with this. You are welcome to apply (see below) while you also source a supervisor. 
3. Select a Theme and Group (if applicable) - Decide which theme you are interested in and if you will undertake 
this project as an individual or as part of a group (1-6 students). 
4. Apply - Complete the online form here.
Semester One Due Date for Applications: 28 February, 2014