PC's Exec Forming Meeting (1 of 2)

#CHANGE OF DATE TO TUE 24th The PC's Project has grown to the size it needs its own Exec Team to run it. Interested Volunteers are invited to come to one (or both) of the Exec forming meetings to apply for one of the openings in the team.

What: Meeting to form an Exec Team for the PC's Project

Where: The Edge, Window Bay 1 (down the end on the left) http://edgeqld.org.au/contact-us/

When: 6-7:30pm Tuesday, 24th April


The PC's Project has grown in size enough to require its own Exec Team so positions will be available in the following teams with the listed roles/positions.

People wishing to fill Leader roles are required to be Full (Paid) EWB-A Members


The most important thing is to develop an effective working team so the Exec Team will start as a general committee to allow interested volunteers to settle in to their natural roles and allow some “floating” between positions before specific people are assigned to specific roles.

The committee will be based on three teams (Admin, Training, and Hardware), each of which will be formed to operate most effectively with the work load and the volunteers available.


The Last role to be finalised will be the Assistant Coordinator/2IC position as it is the most complex and time consuming and will almost be like a traineeship as it will require a lot of following the Project Leader around seeing how the Project operates at the Local & Regional Chapter levels, at the National Level and how relationships are built and maintained with our Community and Corporate Partners


Available Roles:


Assistant Coordinator/2IC

  • Assists the Project Leader to coordinate the Project at the Regional level across all involved chapters and organisations
  • Acts as Admin Team Leader
  • Trained under assumption that they will eventually take over as Project Leader


Admin Team

  • General day-to-day running of the Project.
  • Room bookings
  • Budgeting
  • Communications


Training Team - Leader

  • Responsible for coordinating the needs of the Training Team

Training Team

  • Up-skill Project Member
  • Tutor Community Members


Hardware Team

  • Responsible for coordinating the needs of the Hardware Team

Hardware Team

  • Refurbish, build and test computer systems