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Eleanor Loudon


With a Masters of Management in Community, Ms. Loudon is an advocate of applying smart business principles to strengthen the for-purpose sector and increase its impact. She is also part of the emerging movement in Australia for a community-led, collaborative approach to tackling our most complex issues.

Eleanor has over 25 years experience in community development in Australia and overseas, and has held program management and leadership roles with Australian Volunteers International, EarthWatch Institute, and United Way Australia, and served as National Director Sri Lanka with ChildFund International for three years.

Eleanor Loudon



Tracey Cromby

EWB philanthropy Officer

Tracey is motivated by helping people and delivering constructive process outcomes to smooth the way.  She  says that  “working in the humanitarian sector makes that meaningful.”

Her extensive experience in administration supports students to access the unique educational opportunities associated with the EWB Challenge.  This annual program engages 8,000 first year students from 33 universities across Australia and New Zealand to develop humanitarian engineering design solutions for sustainable cross-cultural development projects.

“One of the things that’s great about my role is supporting students to achieve an enlightened education…I’m continually inspired by the creative and innovative ideas that the first year university students come up with.”

Tracey relaxes with an eclectic range of creative pursuits including rock ‘n roll and rockabillly dancing, walking and writing.  She’s also working on a long-burn project to create an illuminated manuscript.


Tracey Cromby



Heidi Michael

Director International Programs

Heidi holds a Bachelor's degree in Environmental Engineering and a Master of Water and Waste Engineering in Development, and first became involved with EWB as a research student in 2006. In 2009 she served as an EWB Field Professional in Timor Leste for a year, and has experience in engineering consultancies in Melbourne and of working with a US Government funded program in Timor Leste. She was appointed to coordinate EWB's International Program in 2013, managing and overseeing EWB's DFAT funded programs in WASH, Energy, Appropriate Housing, and Professional Skills Development across the Asia Pacific region.

In her spare time, Heidi strives for balance in her life, most particularly honing her juggling skills, pursuing creative interests that are lacking skill but boast plenty of enthusiasm such as drawing and photography, and having some good conversation with friends and family. She doesn’t mind challenging herself with a fun run now and then too!

Heidi Michael


Alison Stoakley

Ewb Challenge & Education coordinator

Originally from California, Alison was drawn to Australia from the US by promises of kangaroos and sunshine – but quickly fell in love with the urban centre of Melbourne and never looked back! 

Alison graduated from the University of California, Davis with a degree in Civil and Environmental Engineering and a thousand sparks of ideas around what kind of positive impact engineering might have in the world. In 2011, she moved to Melbourne to pursue an interdisciplinary Master of Environments degree that allowed her to kindle those sparks and now, as an Engineering Education Officer at EWB, she is able to continue these conversations every day!

Some of the things that make Alison smile include: scenic runs, quick-witted people, picnics and stumbling across one of the many free events in Melbourne

Alison Stoakley



nelly katsnelson

director philanthropy

Nelly is an experienced fundraising professional, whose values and ethics are firmly embedded within a culture of philanthropy. She has a demonstrated track record of developing strategies that frame the way organisations fundraise, and shift their thinking from fundraising being purely transactional, to a way of operating that connects resources and people together, for the greater good.

"I live and breathe Philanthropy, and have dedicated my career to this. As a creative storyteller, I weave a tale that inspires philanthropy – both for the benefactor and the beneficiary; for without one, the other does not exist."

Nelly's sound business acumen, combined with vision, strategy, passion and commitment have yielded real results for some of Australia’s most respected organisations including SANE Australia, Save the Children Australia, Scope and Royal District Nursing Service.

Nelly Katsnelson



sam perkins

director education & research

With experience in the academic, humanitarian and private sectors, Sam brings a diverse set of skills, knowledge and experience to the EWB team, which will be pivotal for the continued advancement of EWB's Education and Research work.

"I have a long-term and passionate interest in the application of appropriate technologies to create sustainable and grass-roots engineering solutions – particularly in development and humanitarian contexts." says Sam "And I am driven by a simple philosophy: until everyone would be willing to trade places with anyone or anything, there is still work to be done."

Sam Perkins holds a PhD in Aeronautical Engineering from the University of Tasmania and Cambridge University, and has also completed a Post-doctorate with Hydro Tasmania. Having lectured in Fluid Dynamics, Thermodynamics and Communication and Design at the University of Tasmania, in 2012 Sam moved from academia to the humanitarian sector, joining UNHCR as Energy Lab Coordinator and leading the development of UNHCR’s energy programme for field operations and headquarters.

Since then, he has worked in 8 countries in Europe, Africa and Asia and has professional experience across: Camp Coordination and Camp Management, Shelter, WASH, Energy and Environment, and Innovation Management. 

Most recently, Sam has been Director of Innovation at Bright Products, a Norwegian company which develops sustainable energy solutions including solar products for off-grid communities.

Sam Perkins





Melanie has fostered a fierce determination to protect the natural environment since the earliest of ages.

After establishing a career in the Arts she returned to study in 2008 and completed a Bachelor of International Development followed by a Masters of Environment in 2016.

Melanie is a campaigner for positive change, who has worked in politics since 2014 with individuals, community groups, industry and businesses to catalyze a movement towards a more compassionate world.

Melanie also delights in the unconventional and colourful and seeks to capture this through her photography and performance. Her quiet moments are spent with her daughter in nature, cooking vegan delights or planning impactful ways to create rapid social and environmental change.

Melanie Audrey



Emma Boles

Communications & Content manager

Originally hailing from Ireland Emma first moved to Australia in 2004, and spent 6 years learning to competently host a BBQ and get off the beach by 11am. Armed with these invaluable skills she graduated to the Netherlands where she undertook a Masters in International Communications, and entry-level qualifications in beer drinking and urban bike riding. Looking for a role with social impact led to a role with SNV, a respected Dutch INGO working across Energy, WASH and Agriculture in 35 countries. Having held two positions there - in corporate communications and then overseeing communications for SNV's largest sector, Agriculture, Emma was inspired every day by the wealth of talent, passion and good humor that people bring to bear against the great challenges of inequality and poverty in their countries.

Now having found another enclave of passionate talented people in Engineers without Borders she is getting the word out about the huge value humanitarian engineering brings in addressing global challenges.

Emma loves travelling to far-flung places, eating the food and photographing the sights. A keen amateur photographer, she is nonetheless not the kind to get up at 4am for a sunrise. Interior and product design inspire her every day to think about form and function, and surprisingly - mostly to her - she likes to go running.

Emma Boles



Santisouk Phongsavan


Social Impact Lead

Santi is a skilled international and community development practitioner, with over 15 years experience across the Asia-Pacific in regional, national and community-led programs, in areas including public health, sustainable livelihoods, capacity-building and education. Santi's practical knowledge is underpinned by undergraduate qualifications in Economics and Asian Studies, topped by a Master of International and Community Development from Deakin University.

Community outcomes are Santi's passion, and he has driven program improvements at Save the Children Australia, Australian Volunteers International, and Interplast, to ensure work reflects and responds to community priorities.  Backed by a Master of Information Management from RMIT, he favours a human-centred and participatory approach to design of impact measurement systems, working collaboratively with teams to understand their program theories and develop the metrics that will help them measure their success.

Away from his day job, Santi enjoys getting lost in a variety of books (often reading several at a time, which are strategically placed around the house), and watching endless movies. Often he will venture outside to enjoy a good meal, nod along to live music and watch his football team perform badly.



ipshita dewan

international program officer

Belonging to an indigenous community named Chakma which occupies the hills of southeast Bangladesh, Ipshita always dreamt of working towards social change, community development, gender advocacy and human rights.

She received an AusAID scholarship that brought her to Australia and completes a Bachelor degree in Business at The University of Queensland. After graduating, an opportunity arose where she found herself working with two UN agencies in Bangladesh. As part of her role in those UN agencies, Ipshita worked with thirteen indigenous communities of southeast Bangladesh in gender advocacy, community development and sustainable agricultural programs.

She recently graduated with a Masters in International Development from La Trobe University that had brought her back to Australia, after which she worked in various global health programs in the Asia Pacific region.

Being a foodie and a coffee lover, you will find her in various alleyways of Melbourne exploring different flavours of Melbourne and cafes.  When she is not exploring food, she can be found exploring different hiking trails around Victoria."

Ipshita Dewan



melanie hardman

international program officer

Always community minded, Melanie started her career in the disability and mental health sector, coordinating programs and working with local Government to promote the inclusion of all people in society.

Traveling to South East Asia in her late teens set off her passion for social justice; joining the Red Cross Emergency Services, working in disaster recovery centres and conducting outreach. Not long after she found herself overseas, volunteering for a local NGO in Cambodia, conducting outreach and managing sponsorship's; later working as a Program Manager to support the financial empowerment of communities across the Asia Pacific.

Not wanting to follow the crowd, Melanie commenced her degree in International Aid and Development as a mature aged student, and is currently in her final year. Her first experience with EWB was as a mentor in the Design Summit program and she is eagerly awaiting starting off 2018 with the International Programs team.

Melanie loves the unusual and the new, and can be found listening to live music, learning something new or exploring the beaches and hiking trails in Melbourne!

Melanie Hardman



Sarah herkess

Design summit officer

Sarah graduated with a Bachelor of Environmental Engineering and worked in engineering consulting for some time. However, the past few years Sarah has developed a love of education and pursued roles in the delivery and facilitation of educational programs which foster connection and community. She's honoured to be a member of the Design Summit Team at EWB.

As an outdoor leader in Gippsland, Sarah spent 12 months 'hanging out with teenagers' in the Victorian mountains and looking after her chooks. She also spent a year in and out of Malaysia, living for some time in Penang, working on two EWB design summits in Sarawak and spending a month in Sabah with university students undertaking professional placement.

Sarah fills her spare time riding bikes, getting her hands dirty in the garden, napping, sploshing in the ocean and trying to do handstands.
Sarah Herkess



anna cain

volunteer outreach lead

Anna chose a career in engineering because of the potential to contribute positively to solving global issues. For the past seven years she has worked in the renewable energy industry supporting Australia's transition from fossil fuels to clean energy which is a fundamental part of Australia's contribution to addressing climate change and achieving the Sustainable Development Goals.

Anna is committed to creating a more just world. At University, she founded WIRE-Women In Renewable Energy, an industry-linked student society supporting women participating in sustainability-focused engineering fields. She has served on WaterAid's Sydney fundraising committee, is a Youth Off the Streets Food Van volunteer and a tutor with Sudanese Australian Integrated Learning (SAIL) and for the last few years was the Clean Energy Council Utility Solar Directorate Chair.

Inspired by EWB's philosophy of strength-based partnerships focused on two-way knowledge sharing and capacity building, Anna has contributed to a range of EWB initiatives. Anna loves being part of EWB because "the organisation, driven and shaped by its members, provides me with resources, training, networks and opportunities that inspire and empower me to implement my engineering projects using innovative and human-centred approaches that are ultimately more effective. Being a member of EWB makes me a better engineer." EWB's membership is what makes EWB amazing and she can't think of a better way to contribute to this than by supporting EWB's active members to contribute to EWB's vision of a world where all people have access to a life of opportunity, free from poverty.

Anna holds a B Eng (Hons) from UNSW, and grew up on Danghutti country on the mid north coast of NSW.

Anna Cain



Jacqui Bell

Director Australia programs 

Jacqui is a registered Architect with over 8 years’ experience in professional practice, project management, strategic business development and community/stakeholder engagement.  She has worked with global engineering professional services firm GHD, Melbourne design firm Harmer Architecture and in 2012/13 worked as an EWB Field Professional with Habitat for Humanity Vietnam supporting the local team with capacity building and skills development on sustainable construction methods, housing designs, program integration and project delivery. 

As well as her program role, Jacqui facilitates and delivers training around human-centered design and community development approaches in Australia and Overseas and is passionate about supporting, strengthening and building a movement of humanitarian engineers and ‘non-gineers’ to support positive social change.

Jacqui Bell

George goddard

Research Program coordinator

After a couple of years working on comedy and theatre festivals the world over, George moved on to work with WaterAid UK and WaterAid International for six years in a variety of roles. In 2015 George moved to Cambodia; there he had his first fateful encounter with EWB while working with Live and Learn Cambodia to develop their five year strategy. George helped deliver a strategic planning workshop for EWB and was bowled over by the commitment and dedication of the programme staff there, as well as the students who had come out for a design summit.

Inspired by the team and the amazing resilience of the communities he worked with during his time in Cambodia, George moved to Melbourne to study a Masters in Environmental Management and Sustainability at Monash. Upon graduation George stayed on to teach, as a tutor to undergraduates and for the Masters of International Development Practice. This has also allowed him to indulge his interests in energy justice and sustainability transitions, conducting research for USAID, AGL Energy and Australian Conservation Foundation.

George is really excited to be rejoining EWB and joining the vibrant community of researchers that are so committed to delivering really impactful research and life-changing human-centred design. When not at EWB George loves exploring Victoria, photographing the weird and wonderful things he sees and reading an array of literature and philosophy.
 George Goddard



Lewis Parish

Project Manager Lafaek Water

After earning a degree in music education from the University of Illinois, Lewis joined Peace Corps Tanzania as an environmental volunteer. In this role he worked primarily on agricultural and small scale construction projects. After his service he returned to Illinois to complete a Masters of Public Administration while working in the private sewage program of the Illinois Department of Public Health Environmental Engineering Division. 

Lewis then moved to Washinton, DC, finding work with Management Sciences for Health implementing public health projects in East Africa. He has subsequently consulted for the US Navy in the Planning, Future Requirements, and Business Operations office at Camp Lemonnier-Djibouti and worked for the US Department of Energy in their Beijing, China office.

Before joining EWB in Timor-Leste, Lewis supported a project to map and survey all of the health facilities in the country and personally visited about half of the country's nearly 300 facilities. He is excited to join Bee Lafaek and participate in the widening movement towards disaggregated utility systems.

He believes that developing countries have a great deal to teach the world, especially with regards to compassion, humility, cooperation and hope.

Lewis Parish



Shane Korosec

Digital operations

After completing an aerospace engineering / business administration degree at RMIT in 2000, Shane wrapped up a brief engineering career to pursue interests closer to his heart.

Subsequently, he found himself involved in assisting a dedicated team in raising EWB Australia from a idea to an operating organisation.

Shane now runs our digital operations and enjoys music, travelling and expanding his awareness of the universe around him.



Shane Korosec


Monica Chong

International Program COORDINATOR

Monica coordinates the International Program, which involved a broad spectrum of responsibitlies from supportuning our Field Professionals and projects overseas, to donoro reporting, to recruitment and financial management - the list goes on!

The avid foodie initially followed a corporate career trajectory (five years as an account manager in a telco), but took time out to explore more meaningful career options. She worked in Vietnam for 3 years through the Australian Volunteers Program before joining EWB in 2013 as a volunteer and then become a member of staff in mid-2014.

Her journey of exploration involved working, volunteering and travelling through South America, Europe and Asia. Not surprisingly, food was a feature of her travels and she enjoyed trying different cuisines while learning about other cultures and international development. In Vietnam, Monica created a Hanoi street food guide and map that has become quite well known around the traps. Her love of cooking and bringing people together has inspired her to one day start her own catering business.

Monica Chong


Bianca Anderson

humanitarian Design summit coordinator

Bianca grew up normal and has dedicated the best part of the last decade to radical unjobbing and cultivating her curiosity about the world. She brings experience in appropriate technology development, Human Centred Design methodologies and social impact business development to the EWB team.

Bianca graduated from Deakin University with a Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering and an appetite to expand the definition and boundaries of the field. Since she’s collaborated with the International Development Innovation Network – contributing to and coaching teams in appropriate technology development at the International Development Design Summit in Africa and completed a stint as an EWB Field Professional in India. Recently she completed her Master of Business Administration in Global Social and Sustainable Enterprise at Colorado State University, USA. At EWB she continues to sate her desire to expand the future of engineering through the Humanitarian Design Summit – facilitating budding engineers through experiential learning that increases their understanding of global challenges. She envisions a future of empathetic engineers, equipped with the understanding, adaptability and emotional resilience required to tackle the ever-complex challenges we will face in an uncertain future.

She also loves being far away from office-land; usually rockclimbing, hiking in the bush or gaining skills to eventually run away and join the circus.
Bianca Anderson



Candi Raeburn

Humanitarian Design Summit Officer

Candi grew up vertically and first joined the EWB family as a Design Summit facilitator, before becoming a part of the Design Summit dream-team.

With a background steeped in science, she holds a Bachelor of Applied Science, with Honours research in nuclear waste bioremediation and is currently completing a Masters in biochemistry and neuroscience at the University of Melbourne. For the last decade she has been hopping around the globe with a career spanning education, communications, research, events coordination and pharma. Her first role in international development involved facilitating the implementation of the WHO Laboratory Quality Management System in a hospital in Vanuatu, and she moves through the world in gleeful opposition to surplus entropy.

Candi brings to EWB her Lean Six Sigma experience and penchant for organisation and systems optimisation. She has a secret crush on the Human Centered Design process, is an advocate for the development of emotional intelligence, and radiates enthusiasm and up-beat melodies. When she’s not in the lab or at EWB, you might spot her at a night-time public lecture, plotting an adventure or teaching people about science.

Candi Raeburn