Candi Raeburn

Humanitarian Design Summit Officer

Candi grew up vertically and first joined the EWB family as a Design Summit facilitator, before becoming a part of the Design Summit dream-team.

With a background steeped in science, she holds a Bachelor of Applied Science, with Honours research in nuclear waste bioremediation and is currently completing a Masters in biochemistry and neuroscience at the University of Melbourne. For the last decade she has been hopping around the globe with a career spanning education, communications, research, events coordination and pharma. Her first role in international development involved facilitating the implementation of the WHO Laboratory Quality Management System in a hospital in Vanuatu, and she moves through the world in gleeful opposition to surplus entropy.

Candi brings to EWB her Lean Six Sigma experience and penchant for organisation and systems optimisation. She has a secret crush on the Human Centered Design process, is an advocate for the development of emotional intelligence, and radiates enthusiasm and up-beat melodies. When she’s not in the lab or at EWB, you might spot her at a night-time public lecture, plotting an adventure or teaching people about science.