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About EWB

Engineers Without Borders Australia is a community organisation that creates social value through engineering. Through partnerships and collaboration we’ve focused on developing skills, knowledge and appropriate engineering solutions since 2003.

Developing skills, knowledge and appropriate engineering solutions

Engineers Without Borders Australia’s governance structure is regulated by a Constitution and a set of core policies enacted by the Board of Directors. 

We focus on these four areas

So that more people and engineers can respond to these major humanitarian challenges

Clean Water and Sanitation and Hygeine

Over one-third of the world’s population does not have access to adequate sanitation and 783 million people live without safe drinking water.

Appropriate Housing

It is estimated that 100 million people are homeless worldwide and as many as 1 billion people lack adequate housing. Across Australia, this is an estimated 105,237 homeless people.


About 1.3 Billion people worldwide (approximately 18% of the global population) do not have access to electricity, and 2.6 billion people are without clean cooking facilities.


Digital access across the Indo-Pacific region is generally very poor. This prevents people from accessing information on changing weather pattern, current events, disasters and early warning systems, as well as general information on agriculture and markets to facilitate adaptation.*

Clean Water and Hygiene: 37% – http://www.un.org/waterforlifedecade/sanitation.shtml, 783 – million http://www.unwater.org/water-cooperation-2013/water-cooperation/facts-and-figures/en/
Clean Energy: http://www.iied.org/improving-people-s-access-sustainable-energy
Appropriate housing: http://www.habitat.org/getinv/events/world-habitat-day/housing-facts, http://www.homelessnessaustralia.org.au/index.php/about-homelessness/homeless-statistics

Our 2020 Strategy

Engineers Without Borders Australia’s determination to increase both the size and quality of its impact is the motivation and intention behind the extensive journey we have undertaken in creating our Engineering a Better World 2020 Strategy.

Annual Report

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We use these four mechanisms

So that more people and engineers can respond to these major humanitarian challenges


We work together with communities to create a better world.


We curate knowledge to develop engineers for a better world.


We engineer new ideas for a better world.


We bring people together to innovate for a better world