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EWB Challenge Scholarship

Loved doing the EWB Challenge? Passionate about creating change through Humanitarian Engineering? Looking for pathways into a career in Community Development?

New Deadline for Applications: 29th July

Engineers Without Borders are very thrilled to announce EWB Challenge Scholarship, offered to any student who has partaken in EWB Challenge.

EWB Challenge Scholarship applications are currently open for students who undertook the EWB Challenge in 2011 and 2012. Thanks to the generous support of BHP Billiton there are five scholarships available for each year. 

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Program Description

The EWB Challenge Scholarship program is specifically designed to recognise high achieving and values driven students who are passionate about applying their engineering skills to the objectives of community development and poverty eradication. 

Thanks to the generous support of BHP Billiton, EWB is able to offer 5 x $10,000 scholarships for students to undertake a 3-year professional development program in Humanitarian Engineering through EWB and our program partners.

Program Expectations

Successful applicants will be invited and sponsored to participate in the following programs:

Leadership Rewired (1st year of program)

  • Starting in August each year

  • Successful participants to complete modules and participate in regional event (where practical)

One of the Dialogues on Development programs (2nd year of program)

  • Murray Darling - Starting in October each year

  • India and Cambodia - Starting in January of the subsequent year

Chapter Leadership Role (2nd or 3rd year of program)

Successful applicants are encouraged to take a leadership role within their University Chapter. You can check out your local partner by clicking on the link above

EWB Research Program (3rd year of program)

  • Successful applicants are expected to undertake their final year research project with EWB

  • Participants will be encouraged to undertake a research project in the same region where they undertook Dialogues on Development

Internship (End of 2nd or 3rd year)

  • Successful applicants will be encouraged to undertake an internship with EWB.

  • EWB offers 12 week summer internship programs in our national office in Melbourne

National Leadership Training (Mickey Sampson Leadership program) (After program completion)

  • Some participants may be offered the opportunity to participate in the Mickey Sampson Leadership program

  • Mickey Sampson participants are expected to undertake a leadership role in their Regional Chapter.


To apply for one of the 5 scholarships offered around the country students must have completed the EWB challenge in either 2011 or 2012. Further involvement with EWB is also preferred. 

Application Process

If you are passionate about creating change through humanitarian engineering, willing to show your commitment to community development and have successfully completed the EWB Challenge, we strongly encourage you to apply for EWB Challenge Scholarship. You can access the application form here.

Please note: applications are now open until the 29th of July 2013. Successful applicants will be contacted by the 5th of August 2013.